An Adorable Kitten Rescued By An Animal Shelter, Meowed Nonstop For Attention, Until He Got A Foster Brother

A little rescued kitten in San Francisco, California, meowed incessantly because he needed an unconditional friend at his side; happily, he found the perfect cuddling buddy.

Sunshine, a tabby kitten, has arrived at Saving Grace Rescue, a local animal shelter, in search of a new and better life. Since his arrival, the young boy has shown to be a creature full of love who wants to shower attention on everyone. He was also relieved to be in a safe environment.

Sunshine followed her new family throughout the house, hoping to locate a lap to sit on; she didn’t enjoy being alone. She met the other residents, but they understood she needed a companion her age with whom she could enjoy her shenanigans.

The shelter was contacted a few weeks later to inform them that there was another young kitten in desperate need of rescue. The ginger cat was three weeks old and had sores on its tail. Saving Grace Rescue founder Amber Rose agreed to take him in.

When he arrived, they treated his injuries before locating the ideal foster home for him: Joyce’s home, where she was caring for Sunshine at the time, and she did not hesitate to welcome the new member to her warm family.

Joyce started feeding the baby throughout the day, and she soon gained weight and strength, and his wounds were mending wonderfully, and she was even walking.

Cheddar the cat is too noisy and constantly wants everyone to hear him, so he meows loudly until he gets embraced.

Sunshine’s interest was piqued when she heard the new kitten’s meows and ran straight to the location to check who it was. He was really interested to meet the newcomer, and as soon as she saw him, she insisted on becoming his buddy, and he wanted to assist him in any way he could.

Facebook/ Saving Grace Rescue Inc.
“Sunshine wanted to play with him as soon as she met him.”

Sunshine approached Cheddar and gently rubbed his head, inviting him to join in the game. The redhead was still learning to walk, but he was glad to have a companion.

The two buddies quickly nestled close as if they’d known each other their entire lives, and their relationship blossomed. Sunshine has assumed the role of big brother, teaching the tiny one how to play as well as showing him the everyday routines of a cat.

Joyce remarked:

“I believe they enjoy each other’s company since they are both alone. They play together, sleep together, and eat off each other’s dishes.”

Cheddar, despite his little size, can hold his own in kitten battles. They snuggle together and purr to sleep after playing.

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