Box-Obsessed Cat Discovers His New Favorite Game

Tazo only joined his family a few months ago, and while they’re still getting to know him, they’ve already figured out what his favorite things are.

Tazo’s mother, Kristina Jeon, told The Dodo, “He likes boxes.” “As well as plastic bags.” Grocery days and days when deliveries come are his favorite days of the week.”

Tazo rushes over to each vacant box he sees and grabs it for himself. He could spend all day sitting in a box, and one day his mother wondered what would happen if she picked it up and began escorting him around in it.

“He appeared to like the view from above so much that I started carrying him in the box, kind of like a chariot,” Jeon said.

Tazo’s parents realized their Roomba vacuum was running as he was being carried about, and they had the finest idea.

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