Cat Does Not Get How This Litter Box Thing Works

Gucci has shown to be an exceedingly silly cat since her mother got her last March.

Gucci’s mother, Leah Madley, told The Dodo that her daughter is “very crazy and stupid, constantly wanting to make people laugh, and often doing something she shouldn’t be doing.” “She’s the perfect blend of silly and lovable.” She’s also extremely loud, announcing when she’s going to eat, drink, or use the bathroom! She enjoys having a good chat.”

Gucci and her mother were hanging out one day when Gucci decided it was time to use her litter box. She approached it, but instead of entering via the main entrance, she tried something different and squeezed herself through a side hole.

Madley explained, “That extra hole is for a scoop to clean the box.” “I noticed she didn’t like the scoop and would attempt to push it out all the time, so that extra hole has been exposed for months.”

Madley was both amused and perplexed when she saw Gucci squeeze through the scoop hole. She’d never seen her do it before, and she couldn’t understand why she’d forgotten how to use her litter box correctly.

“I turned on my camera first so I could show my parents and sister,” Madley explained. “Whenever Gucci is awake, I usually have my camera ready since she is constantly doing something amusing.” I was stunned, and I couldn’t stop laughing about it all night.”

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