Cat With Rare Kind Of Dwarfism Is Destined To Stay A Tiny Kitten Forever

A cute cat with a rare ailment will always look like an attractive tiny ball of fur. Despite its age, the creature resembles a kitten only a few weeks old, and, contrary to popular belief, it will remain this way indefinitely owing to dwarfism.

Emily Tomlinson works in a veterinary clinic in Wolverhampton, UK, and her profession has provided her with the greatest present of all: her pet.

Munchie, the kitten, was abandoned by his former owners and came to Emily’s arms, despite the fact that he looked like a 4 week old pussycat.

Munchie has an uncommon kind of dwarfism, according to research. The kitten has hypoparathyroidism, an uncommon disorder in which the body can not produce parathyroid hormone (the hormone responsible for growth).

“After falling on Boxing Day and spending four nights at the veterinarians on intravenous fluid therapy, we discovered he had hypoparathyroidism; his calcium levels were 0.52 when the usual range is at least 1.9; it was a miracle he didn’t have a seizure.” We have only discovered one other cat diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism, who is not in the UK. It’s really strange.” Emily stated.

The kitten was 7 months old when it came, but considering his condition, he still seemed to be a newborn and weighed just 1.7 kg. He had clouded eyes as well, which could have contributed to his desertion.

“The adorable cat has clouded eyes due to bilateral corneal edema, but this does not interfere with his regular activities. The veterinarians thought he was 3–4 weeks old, Emily said.

Emily was working as a veterinarian at the time this incident occurred, but she couldn’t help but become attached to the animal and decide to adopt her.

“I was employed by a veterinary clinic. He was brought to the scene after being discovered by a woman close to a park. Since no one came to claim him, I brought him in for a week before adopting him, the lady said.

Because she had a debt of £2,500 (about $3,400) when she decided to adopt the kitten, Emily’s dedication and devotion for him were evident from the start. Not only that, but this family’s bills for medical care will be ongoing.

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