Explorers Come Across A Dog 500 Feet Down Inside Of A Dark Cave


Explorers Gerry Keene and Rick Haley took to the caves with their kids and were 500 feet below ground when one of the children said they heard a dog. The men thought no way could there actually be a dog all the way down here in the dark. But wouldn’t you know it, there she sat so skinny and listless but alive…

The dog turned out to be Abby, a pet who’d been missing from her owners for eight weeks. They say the dog ran off one day and may have been swept into the cave by floodwaters. They were just about to give up all hope when these heroes made the rescue.

After two months in the darkness, Abby was carried up to the surface being passed back and forth between the men as they climbed. Now, she’s happy and healthy and back where she belongs! 🙂

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