Injured Stray Kitten Never Lets Anything Stop Him From Living Life


A man was working when he found a young kitty in a terrible condition. She was lying in the field without doing any movement. Realizing that the kitten was badly injured, he immediately called DAR Animal Rescue for help. After receiving the urgent call, Ermioni and her friends rushed to the field to rescue the poor kitten.

When they arrived at the point, they quickly put the kitty in a cage and took her to the vet clinic. After checking for her, the vets realized that she was facing a critical situation. Her head was swollen due to a broken bone at the head. Her injuries were so serious that she couldn’t stand on her feet.

Every minute was critical, so the vets gave her medical treatment to help her heal. She was weak and couldn’t eat or drink by herself. She just wanted to be cuddled and hugged by the vets and staff. And thanks to the care and love of everyone, her swelling subsided and her health changed.

The vets started new exams, but this time things got worse. They were scared that she would not survive and they would lose her forever. However, the kitty surprised everyone by making a miraculous recovery. Despite being in a bad condition, this little baby didn’t give up and tried her best to overcome all difficulties to live. She is a little fighter!

After a long time in hospital, Ermioni could take the kitten home. When she arrived at the foster home, she was given a warm and cozy place to help her brain recover. She started to eat by herself and feel happy. She was good for about 1 month and the rescuers were so happy for her.

Watch the full rescue here:

Unfortunately she passed away and this was a huge shock for everyone. Although she couldn’t live longer, she was loved and cared by great people. Until her last moments, she never loses her huge willingness to live. R. I. P. sweetheart, everyone will never forget you.

As volunteers, DAR Animal Rescue’s only resources are donations. They depend on all of you, to help them save more animals in need, so they are grateful for any donation. If you want to support DAR Animal Rescue, you can click here to donate and follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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