The shelter dog, who refused to look at anyone, makes the most incredible transformation

A skinny dog named Clementine has been spotted by Southern California Animal Control.

Due to numerous health problems, the dog was sentenced to death in the shelter, 2 days before going to sleep, Elizabeth saw the photo of the dog on the Internet, after that everything changed. So she directly called the rescuers.

Elizabeth said that the employee of the animal rescue organization was filled with tears of excitement when she learned that they were interested in the dog.

The rescue employee said they received hundreds of applications over the weeks but none were for Clementine.

The rescuer explained that a long and unpredictable journey is expected in this dog’s condition. But Elizabeth already knew that she would do anything to help the abandoned dog recover.

When Elizabeth first met the dog, she realized that the dog had never felt love before.

Clementina was terrified of people and did not even look into anyone’s eyes. She was trembling, hiding behind furniture, and sat facing the wall for months.

She had empty and sad eyes. She never looked at Elizabeth’s face and bowed her head when they approached her.

But Clementine trusted the other dogs and immediately attracted his new siblings, Mousse and Maple. It was then that Elizabeth saw that Clementine could become a happy dog, she was searching for solace from new friends and walking with them as a pack.

After many months of many treatments for infections and allergies, Clementine finally began to feel better and stopped shaking. She even dared to look into the eyes of her human parents.

Now, looking after mom with love has become Clementina’s new favorite pastime.

While we caress her, she likes to look deep into our eyes. She is very careful when we talk to her, said Elizabeth. She is still afraid of new people, sometimes even angry with us if we move too fast or climb with her, but she has overcome so much.

Now Clementine has become a whole new dog, full of curiosity and fun as if she feels a puppy she has never had. But most importantly, she finally feels safe.

She lies at our feet when we work from home. She likes to rub his belly. She ‘feels’ everything in sight. We think it’s her way of studying, finding out what things are. She will shake your hand if you do not caress her, or if you stand, she’s not done yet.”

Clementine has gone so far after we adopted her, she is hardly recognizable as a frightened dog standing on the walls with her face down. Now she will do everything for her family, and her family can not imagine their lives without her.

She’s so sweet, so delicate, said Elizabeth.

She just wants to be loved in return for loving. «She is loyal, she protects us, she follows us everywhere.

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